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The name says it all! This a meeting place for those fascinated by Ancient Egypt and looking to immerse themselves in the ancient culture of the Nile valley. Discover the museum’s intensive lecture and tour programme where you can experience new things and expand your knowledge, and enjoy the privilege of exclusive events for members.

This is where like-minded people meet. Our museum scientists’ extensive international contacts provide a personal touch to organised trips to exhibitions and museums throughout Germany or abroad, allowing you to discover the international museum and archaeological community in a new light.

The Friends of the Museum Association is a give-and-take between members and museum. In the first decades of the Association’s history, object acquisition stood at the centre of its activities and allowed the Egyptian Museum to achieve international standing as a collection focused on Egyptian art.

Over the following decades, the Friends of the Museum have supported the museum in its efforts to give its exquisite collection a worthy home. Members, the association’s board and curators have lobbied extensively in public, economic and political circles. The new museum building inaugurated in June 2013 gives Munich’s museum landscape a new focus. With its location at the centre of the Kunstareal, a museum quarter dedicated to European art collections, the Egyptian Museum expands the horizons of the Munich art scene by providing insight into an influential Oriental culture.

With the new building, the Friends of the Museum have found a new calling. The Association provides funds for restoring old acquisitions and for innovative multimedia concepts to supplement the permanent exhibition.

The Friends of the Museum also helps increase the museum’s public presence by supporting events and museum publications. It funds special exhibitions. And by giving financial aid to excavation projects and library acquisitions, it helps the museum fulfil its duty in furthering research in the fields of Egyptology and Meroitic Studies.

Members of the Friends of the Museum receive exclusive insider archaeological information and regularly have the opportunity to meet the museum scientists face-to-face. By volunteering, they also have the opportunity to support the work of the museum actively. Becoming a Friend of the Museum is way to further a sense of community and expand the public’s acceptance of other cultures.

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As a Friend of the Museum, you will enjoy the following perks:

  • Free access to the permanent exhibition
  • Reduced entrance fees for special exhibitions
  • Free or reduced fees for lectures
  • Free participation in museum tours
  • Free delivery of MAAT, the museum journal, several times a year
  • Free or reduced fees for hieroglyph courses and seminars
  • Invitations to exclusive soirees such as exhibition openings or the revelation of new acquisitions
  • A chance to go on exclusive museum trips

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Yearly fees

Yearly fees for the Friends of the Museum

Full member € 75.-
Spouse or legal partner of a full member € 35.-
Junior member (25 years and under) € 20.-
Senior member (65 years and up) € 40.-
Corporate or legal entity € 500.-

If you would like additional information on the Friends of the Museum, please send us an e-mail with your postal address to

New Acquisitions

Since its founding, the Friends of the Museum has offered financial support for museum acquisitions. All objects acquired in this manner are destined for display in the permanent exhibition and the Friends of the Museum’s part in their acquisition is noted on their exhibition labels. Over time, objects from five millenia of Egyptian history have come to the museum with the help of the Friends of the Museum – forming their very own narrative of Ancient Egyptian culture and history.

Antiker Abguss eines Kouros© SMÄK, M. Franke
Antiker Abguss eines Kouros
Fragment einer königlichen Beterstatue© SMÄK, M. Franke
Fragment einer königlichen Beterstatue

Sphinxkopf Sesostris' III.© SMÄK
Sphinxkopf Sesostris’ III.
Porträtkopf Thutmosis' IV.© SMÄK
Porträtkopf Thutmosis’ IV.


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