Guided Tours for Adults

Length: 60 min. or 90 min.
Attendees: max. 50

Costs: € 80,– (60 min.) / € 110,– (90 min.) plus the museum entrance fee.

Registration necessary., by telephone: 089 28927626, E‑Mail: or online!

Would you like to visit the museum with friends and family? Discover the treasures of Ancient Egypt under the guidance of an Egyptologist?

It is possible to book group or individual guided tours for almost any time during our normal opening hours. Groups should not exceed 25 participants; however, it is possible for two groups to be guided simultaneously.

Our basic guided tour lasts 90 minutes and costs 110 €. Shorter, one-hour tours cost 80 €. Please book well in advance and make sure you have alternate dates, as availability depends on the schedules of our foreign-language guides.

We recommend one of the following themes:

  • Highlights of the Egyptian Museum
  • 3000 Years of Civilisation
  • Aspects of the Egyptian Gods
  • Man and God: the Egyptian Pharaoh
  • Picture or Letter? Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Other themes – including very specific ones (for example “Medicine” or “Law in Ancient Egypt”) – are also available upon request.

Length: 60 min. or 90 min.

Attendees: max. 50
Groups larger than 25 visitors will be divided. In this case, both tours incur cost.

Price: € 80,– (60 min.) / € 110,– (90 min.) plus the museum entrance fee.

Payment method: At the information desk. Billing only if previously agreed upon.

Rescheduling fee: Changes to booking: 5 € to be paid with the tour fee on the day of the tour.

Cancellation fee: Only written cancellations (e-mail, fax or snail mail) are valid. Cancellations more than 7 working days before tour date: free Cancellations up to two working days before tour date: € 10.- Cancellations less than two working days before tour date: full price (without cost of materials)


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    Guided Tour

    Unless your requested date proves unavailable, this booking is considered binding. You will receive confirmation of date and time by e-mail.

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